About Us

Our team has a passion for products that help others who are looking to achieve a better quality of life, in a natural way. We are a CBD-rich, hemp derived product distributor. We are focused on providing our consumers with pure products-no chemicals or solvents, no genetically modified organisms, no crud.

Our products have truly change the quality our lives, the lives of our loved ones surrounding us, and the lives of our animals as well. We are so eager to be able to share these products with you!

Kalli-Owner, Terra Wellness

 “I work hard to ensure I’m constantly researching, networking and learning, to help our customers understand what CBD could do for them. My personal experience with hemp derived products dates back four years, which is when I started my own research on Cannabidiol, one amazing non-psychoactive compound of the cannabis or hemp plant. I was tired of terrible side effects of chemicals, primarily from medications. I was looking for something different, something natural. I was desperately searching for an alternative for my anxiety and with products containing CBD, I’ve been able to gain back my quality of life, in a natural way! Now, I feel so blessed to be able to share my experience with you. I love helping people and I believe this is one of the best ways to do just that.”

Cody-Owner, Terra Wellness

“With so many product lines out on the market-it is so important to us to supply quality products. It is amazing that a plant that is so much a part of our history was ever taken from us, a plant with so many benefits. These products have truly changed my life in so many ways. From mental focus throughout the day, to a better nights rest. Being skeptical at first, I am now the biggest believer and cannot wait to hear how it continues to improve lives.”